Discover Sardinia’s archeology, astronomy and nature on this unique SkyRoute adventure proposed by INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari.

Stones, Stars and Paths: from tradition to big science. Get to know this beautiful part of the world with plenty of opportunities to study the local area and the wider universe. From Neolithic villages to planetariums in the park and back again.Visit the widely-celebrated Sardinia Radio Telescope and meet researchers based at this international radio astronomy site. A visit to the charming Sardinia Miniature Park also celebrates the region’s passion for astronomy, home to the Planetarium and Museum of Astronomy.
Enjoy discovering Sardinia’s ancient roots with a visit to Pranu Mutteddu, a well preserved Neolithic settlement complete with 50 standing stones thought to be an early example of position astronomy.

Your SkyRoute also takes you to the Barumini Nuragical Site, an ancient defensive structure dating back to 2 BC, one of the most beautiful Unesco World Heritage sites.

Witness the beauty of Sardinia’s volcanic landscape at the Giara di Gesturi, perched on a plateau at 1,800 feet and home to 350 species of plants and the largest surviving population of the Giara Horse.

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