Astrotourism in Valencia gives you the choice of two hand-picked hiking routes that guide you to two of the region’s most prominent observatories with the clearest perspective of the night skies. You leave the city of Aras de Los Olmos bound for the Observatory of Aras de Los Almos (OAO) or the Astronomical Centre of the Alto Turia (CAAT) on a bespoke and picturesque 24-km (Ruta de la Muela – Peña Blanca) or 10-km (Ruta del Alto de la Muela del Buitre) trail.
In fact, the axis between the two inland tourism destinations forms one of the most important zones to enjoy astrotourism in Valencia.
So you don’t miss out on Valencia’s wonderful landscapes back on terra firma, and combine your stargazing with bike tourism in the cities of Aras de Los Olmos and Alpuente to discover the region’s rich palaentological heritage. Alpuente is one of the world’s most prominent palaentological sites due to the numerous and significant fossils and artefacts found in this area. Once you’ve surveyed the terrain, take a look at some of its treasures in the Route of the Dinosaurs and the Paleontological Museum of Alpuente.
Unsurprisingly, this tour gives you access to numerous experts in the fields of astronomy, palaeontology and archaeology and plentiful opportunities to use professional technology to study them further.

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