Tour Italy’s beautiful Marche region on the Adriatic Sea on this thrilling seven-day Sky-Route tour. Your stay will see you soaking up the region’s culture through its history, art and poetry, nature and cuisine as well as the sky and stars.
The adventure begins in Ancona, a city with a rich history stretching back more than 2400 years and a tradition in seafaring. Some of your tour will, in fact, relate to the sea including practical lessons on how to navigate on the water following the stars.
Other highlights include Raffaello Sanzio’s home (artist of Madonna with child), Giacomo Rossini’s home (composer of the Barber of Seville), Giacomo Leopardi’s home and German Emperor Federico II’s birthplace. Explore the wonderful nature and landscapes of the March region, from the source of the Aso River in a natural river park to the grand Sibilla’s mountain and sea and coastal observatories. The carefully-planned itinerary ensures that there is an observatory close by every night of your stay to give you every opportunity to watch the sky and stars.

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