Discover Bulgaria’s land and sky on a tour blending ancient roots with astronomy.

Your adventure begins in Sofia, Bulgaria’s culture-rich capital. Sofia is nestled between the Danube and the White Sea, the Black Sea and the Adriatic, connecting the Near East and Middle East. Then to ancient Plovdiv, dating back to 4000BC. Climb the cliffs to the magnificent 12-acre Asen’s Fortress and scale the stunning Rhodope Mountains to the pretty village of Smolyan, with a major planetarium and observatory.

Smolyan’s EcoPath to Canyon Falls is dotted with bridges and waterfalls including the 68 metre Orfey waterfall. Then to ski resort Pamporovo with plenty to do in all seasons. Study the skies from Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory, the largest on the Balkan Peninsula.

Shiroka Laka village is blessed with pretty architecture from the Bulgarian Revival Period and beautiful Rhodope houses arranged like an amphitheatre. Nature lovers will enjoy Kardjaly, your next stop.

Then to the Thracian Sanctuary and Observatories on a rock plateau. The biblical complex of Perperek is carved into rocks and home to the ancient Perperikon church. Then Tatul, village of the Gods and home to an ancient pagan sanctuary and medieval fortress. Nearby Harmankaya was used for positional astronomical observations of the solar solstices and worship of the Sun God.

Marvel at rock phenomenon the Stone Wedding, carved and coloured by nature to resemble a gathering of people, animals and birds. The nearby three metre tall Stone Mushrooms are another example of nature’s artistry.

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